Report of the Pequot Indian Tribes 1931
as made by overseer, Gilbert S. Raymond,
as filed in Court and approved

"The members of the Ledyard Tribe of Pequot Indians (Mushantuxet, Mashantucket), as near as can be ascertained, follows --
of these, only 4 reside on the reservation."

Lemuel BakerStonington, CT
Joseph WilliamsMystic, CT
Mrs John (Sarah J) PerryWesterly, RI
Bertha BrownNewport, RI
John GeorgeStonington, CT
Mrs Mabel George StuddGroton, CT
Flora StenhouseWesterly, RI
Elizabeth George PlouffeMystic, CT
Donald CadyMystic, CT
Eva CadyMystic, CT
Mrs Martha SmithMystic, CT
Amos N GeorgeSimsbury, CT
Alice GouvernmentMystic, CT
Regina Gouvernment, age 7Mystic, CT
Joseph Gouvernment, age 3Mystic, CT
Mrs Jane Wheeler DurfeeNorth Stonington, CT
George H Remingtonaddress unknown
William L Remingtonaddress unknown
Isabella Remingtonaddress unknown
Henry George, son of Amos N GeorgeSimsbury, CT
Amos George, Jr, son of Amos N GeorgeSimsbury, CT
Frank Locke, son of Eunice George Locke, deceasedGroton, CT
Harold Locke, son of Eunice George Locke, deceasedGroton, CT
Thurza(Theoxa) Locke, dau of Eunice George Locke, deceasedGroton, CT
Earle Roy ColebuttGroton, CT
Mrs Ephraim WilliamsMystic, CT
The ten children of Clarence Sebastian and Henrietta Williams Sebastian, grandchildren of Ephraim Williams deceased are members of this tribeaddress unknown

"Members of the Eastern Pequot Tribe as near as can be ascertained
of these, 12 reside on the reservtion"
William H JacksonLiving on Reservation
Grace M JacksonLiving on Reservation
Edna A JacksonLiving on Reservation
Arline F JacksonLiving on Reservation
Mrs Olive F Jackson Spellman (Mrs Reginal Spellman)Living on Reservation
Ernest M JacksonLiving on Reservation
Harold C JacksonLiving on Reservation
Lolita Esther JacksonLiving on Reservation
Donald William SpellmanLiving on Reservation
Mrs Irene Jackson BrownProvidence, RI
James Earl WilliamsProvidence, RI
Grace Gardner (Mrs William Gardner)Living on Reservation
Mrs Arline Estelle BerryNewark, NJ
Mrs Calvin (Lina) williamsLiving on Reservation
Mrs Sadie HollandLiving on Reservation
Mrs Sylvia Sebastian StedmanMystic, CT
Mrs Gertrude Spellman DalyProvidence, RI
Reginald SpellmanProvidence, RI
Mrs Rachel Spellman SilverProvidence, RI
Jexel Spellman Silver, dau of RachelProvidence, RI
Esther Silver, dau of RachelProvidence, RI
Phillip Spellman Silver, son of RachelProvidence, RI
Barbara A SpellmanProvidence, RI
Paul SpellmanProvidence, RI
Lucy H SpellmanNathional Training School for Women and Girls, Washington, DC
Ruth G Spellman PeckhamCharlestown, RI
Atwood I Williams
(Chief Silver Star)
Westerly, RI
Atwood I Williams JrWesterly, RI
Frank L WilliamsWesterly, RI
Herman E SimonsStonington, CT
Elam BakerNew London, CT
Mary E DavisNew London, CT
Abigail E DavisNew London, CT
Mary SimonsNew London, CT
Russell SimonsNew London, CT
Clarence SebastianMystic, CT
Mrs Peter Harris (Catherine Sebastian)Norwich, CT
Albert E CarpenterNorwich, CT
Mrs Catherine Carpenter LewisNorwich, CT
Franklin WilliamsMystic, CT